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MRH-24A by GatesofValhalla MRH-24A :icongatesofvalhalla:GatesofValhalla 0 0 Proposed Flag of Anegadia by GatesofValhalla Proposed Flag of Anegadia :icongatesofvalhalla:GatesofValhalla 1 0 Federal Republic of Anegadia New Flag by GatesofValhalla Federal Republic of Anegadia New Flag :icongatesofvalhalla:GatesofValhalla 2 3 Scharfschutzengewehr SSG-338 by GatesofValhalla Scharfschutzengewehr SSG-338 :icongatesofvalhalla:GatesofValhalla 0 0 Sturmgewehr StG-18X by GatesofValhalla Sturmgewehr StG-18X :icongatesofvalhalla:GatesofValhalla 1 0 Spezialkrafte Gewehr SkG-17 by GatesofValhalla Spezialkrafte Gewehr SkG-17 :icongatesofvalhalla:GatesofValhalla 4 1 Map of the Federal Republic of Anegadia by GatesofValhalla Map of the Federal Republic of Anegadia :icongatesofvalhalla:GatesofValhalla 0 0 World Map by GatesofValhalla World Map :icongatesofvalhalla:GatesofValhalla 0 0 Royal Anegadian Navy Identification Roundel by GatesofValhalla Royal Anegadian Navy Identification Roundel :icongatesofvalhalla:GatesofValhalla 0 0 Airforce Roundel-1 by GatesofValhalla Airforce Roundel-1 :icongatesofvalhalla:GatesofValhalla 0 0 Royal Anegadian Army Identification Roundel by GatesofValhalla Royal Anegadian Army Identification Roundel :icongatesofvalhalla:GatesofValhalla 0 0 The Empire of Anegadia Flag by GatesofValhalla The Empire of Anegadia Flag :icongatesofvalhalla:GatesofValhalla 0 0


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The MRH-24 (Multi-Role Helicopter) is a cloned version of the Russian Mi-24 Gunship, modified for Anegadian conditions and requirements. It is hoped that the MRH-24 will be as reliable as the original Mi-24 model and can perform the same tasks when it is called upon.

Now the next challenge is developing weapons arrays' to fit on the MRH-24 and improving the base model.
Proposed Flag of Anegadia
With the current flag being deemed "too communist" the current government has requested that a new flag be designed for Anegadia, with the colour Red still appearing on the flag, but not in a major position.

The above flag displayed is one being considered. 
Scharfschutzengewehr SSG-338
The Scharfschutzengewehr SSG-338 is a rifle fielded by the Anegadian Spezialkrafte (Special Forces) in the role of Sniper, Marksman and other such roles the ASK is trained for. The SSG-338 is chambered in the .338 Lapua Magnum round as standard, though it can be fitted with the appropriate equipment to fire the 7.62x51mm round and can also be modified to fire a .50 BMG round.

The SSG-338 has an effective firing range, when firing the .338 Lapua Magnum round, to reach out and hit an enemy accurately at 1,450m. It comes standard with a 5-round magazine and  a detachable buttstock which normally carries a cleaning kit, but other small items can be placed in it. It is seen here fitted with a 5-25x56 telescopic sight produced by Zimmerit Optics, and a flash suppressor which is screwed onto the barrel, it can be traded out for a sound suppressor. 
Sturmgewehr StG-18X
Introducing the Sturmgewehr StG-18X. The standard issue assault rifle for use by the infantry of the Anegadian Ground Forces. Chambered for the 5.56x45mm round, but can be adapted for other rounds.


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